The Team



Riccardo Sapienza
Principal Investigator
Reader in Physics at Imperial College London
He joins Imperial College from King’s College London where he held a lectureship. Before that he was a Ramon y Cajal fellow in ICFO, the Institute of Photonic Science in Barcelona, within the group of Prof. Niek van Hulst, after a postdoc in ICMM-CSIC Madrid, in the group of Prof. Cefe Lopez. 
He completed his PhD studies jointly in the Laboratories Kastler-Brossell (LKB) in Paris and in the European Laboratory for Nonlinear Spectroscopy (LENS) in Florence.   Curriculum Vitae
contact me at r.sapienza [@]
twitter: r1cc4rd0

Stefano Vezzoli
Research associate
Ph.D. in Physics from Laboratoire Kastler Brossel and Milan Universita' degli Studi in 2013 and MSc in Physics from Milan Universita' degli Studi in 2009.
Email:  S.Vezzoli [@]


Dhruv Saxena
Research associate
Ph.D. in Physics from Australian National University and B.Sc. (Hons) in Applied Mathematics from University of Sydney. Ph.D. dissertation was on the design and characterisation of III-V semiconductor nanowire lasers. My current research interests are in exploring the physics of nanomaterials, tailoring light-matter interactions and manipulating light at sub-wavelength scales for developing novel functional materials and devices.
Email:  D.Saxena [@]


Sandro Mignuzzi
Research associate
Ph.D. from National Physical Laboratory and King’s College London
MSc in Electronics Engineering from Roma Tre University, Italy
Email: s.mignuzzi [@]


Tahiyat Huq
Ph.D. Student
After completing an MSci degree in Physics from King’s College London, Tahyiat joined our team,
Email: tahiyat.huq17 [@]

Sergii Morozov
Ph.D. Student
MSc in Physics, photonics from Friedrich-Schiller-Universitaet Jena, Germany
MSc in optics from Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine
Email: s.morozov [@]


Daniel Glass
Ph.D. Student
Daniel investigates plasmonic nanochemistry with a focus on surface-enhanced phenomena, supervised by Prof. Stefan Maier (Imperial), Prof. Ivan Parkin (UCL) and us. Before he did an MSci in Chemistry and Molecular Physics from University of Nottingham
Email: D.Glass17 [@]


Harriet Walker
Ph.D. Student
Hattie completed an MSci degree in Physics from Imperial College London and then joined the EXSS group as a Ph.D. student. She is supervised by Prof. Stefan Maier and us, studying particles assembly and precise deposition for plasmonics and nano-optics.
Email: harriet.walker12 [@]


Soraya Carlos Caixeiro
at present: Postdoc in St Andrews
Ph.D. Student from King’s College London
After completing an MSci degree in Physics from King’s College London, I am completing my Ph.D. in bio-compatible and silk random lasing. I am interested in applied nanophotonics, mainly complex systems for random lasing, branching in biopolymers. I am very keen on the design and nanofabrication.

Michele Gaio
at present: Strategic Consultant at AMEY
Ph.D. from King’s College London
MSc in Physics from University of Padova, Italy.

Francisco Fernandes
at present: Maître de Conférences (Assistant Professor) Université Pierre et Marie Curie.
Interested in Colloids, Biopolymers, Mechanical properties, Nanomaterials, Biomaterials, Macroporous materials, Nanocomposite materials, Cell encapsulation
Email: francisco.fernandes [@]

Marta Castro Lopez
at present: Research engineer for Huawei
With a Telecommunication Engineering background, I started my scientific career with a Master in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology which brought me to complete my Ph.D studies in “Nanophotonic structures for light control at the nanoscale” in ICFO Barcelona. 

Duong van Ta
at present: Lecturer at Department of Optical Engineering, Le Quy Don Technical University, 236 Hoang Quoc Viet, Hanoi, Vietnam.
Ph.D. from Nanyang Technological University
MSc in Engineering in optoelectronics from Bauman Moscow State Technical University
Interested in all-biomaterial lasers, soft-matter microlasers, biosensing. 

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