Here you can find a selected of papers, ordered by topic, written together with exceptional international collaborators. 
A full publication list can be found in google scholar.

A nanophotonic laser on a graph, Michele Gaio, Dhruv Saxena, Jacopo Bertolotti, Dario Pisignano, Andrea Camposeo, Riccardo Sapienza, Nature Communications 10, 26 (2019).

Photonic networks Lasing

Individual emitter Nano-optics 

— Nanoscale design of the local density of optical states, Sandro Mignuzzi, Stefano Vezzoli, Simon A. R. Horsley, William L. Barnes, Stefan A. Maier, Riccardo Sapienza, Nano Letters 10.1021/acs.nanolett.8b04515 (2019).

— Metal–Dielectric Parabolic Antenna for Directing Single Photons, Michele Gaio, Sergii Morozov , Michele Gaio, Stefan A. Maier, and Riccardo Sapienza, Nano Letters 10.1021/acs.nanolett.8b00557 (2018).

— Modal Coupling of Single Photon Emitters Within Nanofiber Waveguides, Michele Gaio, Maria Moffa, Marta Castro-Lopez, Dario Pisignano, Andrea Camposeo, and Riccardo Sapienza, ACS Nano 10.1021/acsnano.6b02057 (2016).

Unconventional and random lasing

— Gain-Based Mechanism for pH Sensing Based on Random Lasing, Michele Gaio, Soraya Caixeiro, Benedetto Marelli, Fiorenzo Omenetto, Riccardo Sapienza, Phys. Rev. Applied 7, 034005 (2017).
— Microsphere Solid‐State Biolasers, VD Ta, S Caixeiro, FM Fernandes, R Sapienza, Advanced Optical Materials 5 (8), 1601022 (2017)
— Patent: Random laser detector, WO 2016001645 A1, Michele Gaio, Soraya Caixeiro, Riccardo Sapienza (2017).
Silk-Based Biocompatible Random Lasing, Soraya Caixeiro, Michele Gaio, Benedetto Marelli, Fiorenzo G. Omenetto and Riccardo Sapienza, Advanced Optical Materials 10.1002/adom.201600185 (2016).
Tuning random lasing in photonic glasses, Michele Gaio, Matilda Peruzzo and Riccardo Sapienza, Optics Letters 7, 1611 (2015).
Optical gain in DNA-DCM for lasing in photonic materials, M. Leonetti, Riccardo Sapienza, M. Ibisate, and C. Lopez Optics Letters 34, 3764-3766 (2009).
Resonance-driven random laser, S. Gottardo, Riccardo Sapienza, P.D. Garcia, J. Bertolotti, A. Blanco, D. Wiersma, C. Lopez, Nature Photonics 7, 102 (2008).

Light emission control by local density of states engineering

Energy-momentum cathodoluminescence spectroscopy of dielectric nanostructures, Sandro Mignuzzi, Monica Mota, Toon Coenen, Yi Li, Andrei Mihai, Peter K. Petrov, Rupert F Oulton, Stefan A. Maier, and Riccardo Sapienza ACS Photonics (2018).
Percolating Plasmonic Networks for Light Emission Control, Michele Gaio, Marta Castro-Lopez, Jan Renger, Niek van Hulst, and Riccardo Sapienza, Faraday Discussions (2015).
Deep-subwavelength imaging of the modal dispersion of light, Riccardo Sapienza, T. Coenen, J. Renger, M. Kuttge, N.F. van Hulst and A. Polman, Nature Materials 11, 781–787 (2012).
Long-tail statistics of Purcell factor in disordered media driven by near-field interactions, Riccardo Sapienza, P. Bondareff, R. Pierrat, B. Habert, R. Carminati, and N. F. van Hulst, Physical Review Letters 106, 163902 (2011)
Elastic Photonic Crystals: From Color Fingerprinting to Control Over Photoluminescence A. C. Arsenault, T. J. Clark, G. von Freymann, L. Cademartiri, R. Sapienza, J.Bertolotti, E. Vekris, S. Wong, V. Kitaev, I. Manners, R. Z. Wang, S. John, D. Wiersma, G. A. Ozin, Nature Materials 5, 179 (2006)


Scattering of a plasmonic nanoantenna embedded in a silicon waveguide,  Marta Castro-Lopez, Nuno de Sousa, Antonio Garcia-Martin, Frederic Y. Gardes, and Riccardo Sapienza, Arxiv (2015).
Percolating Plasmonic Networks for Light Emission Control, Michele Gaio, Marta Castro-Lopez, Jan Renger, Niek van Hulst, and Riccardo Sapienza, Faraday Discussions (2015).
Aluminum for Nonlinear Plasmonics: Resonance-Driven Polarized Luminescence of Al, Ag, and Au Nanoantennas, M. Castro-Lopez, D. Brinks, Riccardo Sapienza, and N. F. van Hulst, Nano Letters 10.1021/nl202255g (2011)

Ph.D. thesis

— Soraya Caixeiro Ph.D. thesis (2018) entitled "Biocompatible random lasing" .

— Michele Gaio Ph.D. thesis (2016) entitled "Light emission in complex networks from single-photons to lasing".

— Riccardo Sapienza Ph.D. thesis (2005) entitled “Photonic nano materials: anisotropic transport and optical Bloch oscillations” can be downloaded from Archives-ouvertes


Nano-photonic material science
— Self-Assembled Photonic Structures, J.F. Galisteo-Lopez, M. Ibisate, Riccardo Sapienza, L.S. Froufe, A. Blanco, C. Lopez, Advanced Materials 23, 30 (2011).
— Photonic Glasses: a step beyond white paint, P.D. Garcia, Riccardo Sapienza, C. Lopez, Advanced Materials 22, 12 (2010).
— Photonic Glass: a Novel Random Material for Light, P.D. Garcia, Riccardo Sapienza, C. Lopez, Advanced Materials 19, 2597 (2007)

Light transport in complex photonic media

Coherent backscattering of light by an anisotropic biological network, G Jacucci, OD Onelli, A De Luca, J Bertolotti, R Sapienza, S Vignolini, Interface Focus 9 (1), 20180050 (2018).
Reciprocal space engineering with hyperuniform gold disordered surfaces, Marta Castro-Lopez, Michele Gaio, Steven Sellers, George Gkantzounis, Marian Florescu, Riccardo Sapienza, APL Photonics 2, 061302 (2017).

— Observation of Resonant Behavior in the Energy Velocity of Diffused Light, Riccardo Sapienza, P.D. Garcia, D. Martin, J. Bertolotti, L. Vina, A. Blanco, C. Lopez, D. Wiersma, Physical Review Letters 99, 233902 (2007).
— Anisotropic weak localization of light, Riccardo Sapienza, S. Mujumdar, C.Cheung, A. Yodh, and D. Wiersma Physical Review Letters 92, 033903 (2004)
— Optical Analogue of Electronic Bloch Oscillations, Riccardo Sapienza, P. Costantino, D. Wiersma, and M. Ghulinyan, C. Oton, L. Pavesi Physical Review Letters 91, 263902 (2003)