Are you interested in studying the nature of light and how it interacts with nanoscopic bits of matter? 

We are often seeking enthusiastic minds to undertake experimental research, beside Ph.D. students and Postdocs our lab is full of undergraduate students, international master students and sometimes artists.

Ph.D. position

 We have a Ph.D. opening in our group, in the Physics Department in King’s College London.

The project combines network theory with nanophotonics, with the goal of studying how single emitters can be controlled and boosted in nanophotonic networks, towards quantum optics at the nanoscale.


For more information: riccardo.sapienza @

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Postdoc position

Postdoc positions are available to work on network random lasing!

We are always happy to discuss various option to join our team, in the Physics Department in King’s College London.

We are interested in projects on nano-optics in complex photonic materials and networks.

For more information: riccardo.sapienza @

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